“Last Christmas” 4-Chord Guitar Tutorial | Easy Christmas Songs on Guitar

Last Christmas Guitar Lesson for Beginners!
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In today’s Last Christmas guitar tutorial for beginners, we’ll learn this easy 4 chord song on guitar in two ways! First, we’ll learn the Last Christmas chords (easy! just C, G, Am, Dm) and a simple strumming pattern. Then we’ll learn a simple chord melody embellishment to spice it up! Let’s learn how to play Last Christmas on guitar!

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▶️ Last Christmas Guitar Lesson Table of Contents

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Demonstration
1:20 – Last Christmas Guitar Chords Easy
3:10 – Strumming Pattern
4:37 – Simple Play-Along
5:28 – Cool Embellishments!
8:00 – Another Play-Along
8:38 – Tips & Resources

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