Beginner Bass Lesson #1 (Your Very First Lesson)

Life sucks without bass – so let’s get you started. In this beginner bass lesson you’ll go from total noob to rocking your first song.
0:00 – Life Sux Without Bass
0:38 – Step 1: Plug In
1:04 – Step 2: Twiddle the Knobs
2:42 – Step 3: Assume The Position
4:30 – Step 4: Tune Up
5:46 – Step 5: Plucking
10:18 – Step 6: Fretting
13:42 – Step 7: Groove with the Music

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Tune Your Bass –
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How to Play with a Drummer –
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In this beginner bass lesson to end all beginner bass lessons, I’ll take you through 7 simple steps to get from square zero to square… bass.

First I’ll get you started with playing position and gear essentials, then we’ll dive deeper into plucking, fretting and groove. And you’ll play three beginner bass riffs along the way.

Things you’ll learn watching this video:
* How to plug in your bass
* How to set your bass and amp knobs
* Pro tip on how not to kill your bass batteries 😛
* How to sit or stand with the bass
* Tuning makes you not sound like s***
* How to pluck like a legit bassist
* Fretting hand position for less pain and more gainz
* Groove tips so you can actually play along
* Josh definitely couldn’t get work as a professional actor

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