Epiphone Wilshire P90 – Vintage Reissue Guitar Review

It took long enough but finally I got my hands on a reissued Epiphone Wilshire and it turns out to be quite a score! With SG-like neck access and twin P90’s this affordable package looks promising but does it all add up?… Join me guitar nerds for another deep dive Guitaristas review!

Here are a selection of new and used on Reverb:
and from Sweetwater:

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00:00 play in & coming up
01:22 inspired by epiphone
03:57 affordable reissues
05:53 all about the guitar specs etc
08:39 what does it weigh?
09:10 fingerboard, frets, & nut
11:58 neck profile & measurements
12:15 hardware
12:38 removing the pickguard & pickups
15:21 pickup readings
16:35 control cavity
17:07 truss rod
17:45 todays rig
18:24 it sounds like this…
21:52 let’s play something
24:11 switching up the ‘board
24:31 let’s play something else
28:26 so what do we think?
32:03 let’s wrap this one up
32:28 play out jam jammy

Signal Chain Info:
TC Polytune / Boss CS3
Drive Pedals (when on): TC Spark / Soul Food / Big Muff Silver
Boss DD7 / Boss RC5 Looper
Amp: Harley Benton Tube15
Mics AKG C414 & SM57
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

I AM NOT AN EXPERT. Some things I do know and some things I don’t know but think I know and sometimes I say things that are not entirely correct. Once I have said things it’s too late to correct them so please check any ‘so called facts’ with an adult, google, wikipedia, or someone else that knows.

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