Unique, Versatile, and Lightweight – G&L Fallout Electric Guitar Review

This is a review of the G&L Fallout Electric guitar. This G&L Fallout is a dual pickup guitar made in Fullerton, California USA. This unique and ultra-lightweight electric guitar has a P90 pickup in the neck and a great-sounding humbucker in the bridge.

Additionally, the G&L Fallout can provide single-coil tones in the humbucker pickup thanks to the addition of a push-pull pot on the tone control. This push-pull control gives you either a humbucker tone (down) or a single-coil/split coil sound in the up position.

If you are looking for one of the most unique electric guitars out there, check out the G&L Fallout electric guitar.

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Video Chapters
0:00 – About (not sponsored)
0:20 – Jam Track
2:44 – G&L Fallout Overview & Weight
3:47 – Clean Tones
6:45 – Dirty Tones
7:25 – More Gain & Delay
8:00 – G&L Fallout Review

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