$55 Orange Amp?! WTF

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$55 Orange Amp?! WTF

Glarry 15-watt GEA amp

Hey guys hope you’re having a killer day out there so far!
Today I’m going to be reviewing an Orange amp that’s selling for only $55.99!! Though, it’s not really an “Orange” amp…
This is a new 15-watt solid-state practice amp from the company Glarry!

I won’t be demoing my @Orange Amps 35rt amp in this video, but if you’d like to hear my orange amp in action be sure to check out any other video I’ve ever made! It’s what I use for everything! Be sure to watch this video all the way through to see how this Glarry amp compares to an actual Orange amp.

Thanks for watching guys! Be sure like, subsribe, and comment below what you guys think! I’ll see you in the next video! Cheers!!

00:00-00:04 Intro
00:05-00:14 Intro Theme
00:15-00:42 Orange Amps?
00:43-01:07 Orange Comparison
01:08-01:49 Amp Specs/Features
01:50-02:51 Track 1: Orange Crusher
02:52-03:33 Track 2: Orange Sherbert
03:34-04:31 Track 3: Orange You Glad To See Me?
04:32-05:18 Final thoughts / What I Think..
05:19-5:50 Outro

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