How to tune a guitar for beginners. An easy guitar lesson for tuning a guitar

How to tune a guitar for absolute beginners. An easy beginners guitar lesson from the GCH Guitar Academy absolute beginners guitar course.

This guitar lesson will help you get your guitar in tune for the first time or if you need to understand the tuning process for a guitar. The lesson includes how to tune a guitar using a guitar tuner, how to tune a guitar using reference notes and how to tune a guitar to itself.

This lesson is part of a playlist of guitar lessons for absolute beginners with the fist very important lessons you need to learn how to playing the guitar correctly. The play list below has the lessons listed in order so you can go through them at you own time and save yourself a fortune on paid guitar lessons. The lessons are clearly explained, easy to understand and take you in slow and logical steps to the point where you can start to build your guitar skills on a solid foundation of knowledge. You don’t need to have any previous experience of learning the guitar and you don’t have to understand music. All you need is a guitar to practice on and some time to watch the lessons and learn the contents.

Link to the full GCH Guitar Academy absolute beginners guitar course playlist;

Chapters in this video

00:00 introduction
00:59 things to know before tuning a guitar
03:55 tuning the guitar
04:31 how to use a tuner
08:14 tuning using reference notes
14:27 using a digital tuner
17:27 how to tune your guitar to itself
21:35 get the free PDF for this lesson
22:56 Top E string reference note
23:58 B string reference note
25:00 G string reference note
26:02 D string reference note
27:04 A string reference note
28:06 bottom E string reference note

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