10 Intermediate Guitar Solos To Improv Your Playing | Guitar Lesson Tab

These guitar solos will help you to boost your playing.


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00:00 Intro

00:06 01. Bohemian Rhapsody

This solo written in E flat major key. When you play in major key, you can think relative minor key positions. It seams Brain May thinks this way too, he uses most common positions of minor scale for major soloing. This solo not hard to play.

00:40 02. This Love

Dime has a unique style of playing, his vibrato is in a level of perfection. You can focus on his vibrato technique and you can improv your half step bend, pick squeal, dive bomb techniques with this solo. Also it is a good example of playin different keys, the solo starts in F sharp minor pantatonic scale than goes D natural minor scale an backs to F sharp. Choosing different scales gives the vibe of the solo.

01:20 03. Fade to Black (Intro Solo)

This was one of the first guitar solo I learned, challenging part of this solo is 16th note part alternate picked arpeggio. The solo goes on B natural minor scale until modulating. The modulation part is in A natural minor and It is just ascending. Basic stuffs can be sound awesome, and this solo is good example for that.

02:02 04. Smooth

You know Santana is a latina guitar virtuoso, his uniqueness comes from his rhythmic ability, his culture. This solo gives you all latina vibes, the challenging is to play all 8th note, 16th note and 8th triplet combined together. Will help you to improve your rhythmic abilities. The other challenging part of the solo is tremolo picking part on octaves, flex your arm to play it more smoothly. This solo constructed on mixture of harmonic minor, natural minor and minor pentatonic scales.

02:43 05. The Final Countdown

This solo is a good example of playing arpeggios as a melody line. The challenge of this part is the 32th pull-offs. You can notice that it is actually easy when you work slowly. Whammy bar techniques in this solo is good start to use the bar. The solo goes on mostly B natural minor scale but in the midle of the solo (bar 71-72) constructed mixture of minor blues scale and dorian mode. Mixing minor blues and dorian mode is very common. You need learn how to make this if you improve yor playing. This solo gives a good example of this.

03:18 06. Another Brick In The Wall

What makes David Gilmour a great guitar player? His greatness comes from his dinamic and rhythmic playing. He hides some notes and pops up others to give the emotion and adds some death notes to make it dance. His solos are great to improve dinamics and rhythmic playing. Also this solo is so hard when it comes bending the string. Two and half step bends are not to easy to play, it will improve yor fingers.

04:32 07. Wind Of Change

When studying guitar, it is important to make choices, you choose hard ones and easy ones together to increase the efficiency of the work. This solo is surely the easy one, but it will help you to improve your half-step bends. This is a fairly common shortcoming.

05:05 08. Viking Kong

Paul Gilbert is surely another level of virtuosity. He is the master of accuracy, accent, timing, fluency, flexibility. I put the main part of the piece, it not hard to play but hard to imitate Paul’s playing. Vibrato with bending is a challenge of this song. Also you can improve your tapping harmonics, string skipping, palm muting with this song. Mostly, A harmonic scale is used in the song but some parts are written on A natural minor and A melodic minor scales.

06:25 09. Barstool Warrior

One of the easiest solos of the ProgMetal God; John Petrucci. He always shows off his skills even playing a simple melody line. The 16th note two string minor seven arpeggio part is the most challenging part of this video. Some of you may think this solo would be on a hard ones list but some times you have to choose hard ones even you are intermediate.

07:05 10. Mr. Crowley (Outro Solo)

There is no word to describe Randy Rhoads. He is beyond his time. This solo a good example of playing technically and musicalty together. The techniques you will iprove is tremolo picking, trill, fast legato and alternate picking scale playing. This solo shows us playing random notes can be sound cool in a solo. I played similar lick (bar 204) from live performance at the end of solo.

I hope this video and my informations, thoughts on the solos will help to improve your playing. Please write your ideas that you think will contribute to the comments.

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