Don’t play your Major chords this way (play them like this instead)

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In this lesson, I’m showing you Major chord shapes that are way better than the typical barre shapes that we all learn.

To understand why they are better, we are talking about ‘voice leading’ in this lesson.

– Voice leading = treating each note of your chord as an individual voice, and make sure that it moves as less possible to make smoother transitions.

The 2 shapes of Major chord that we’re using in this lesson are perfect for that!

I’m showing you how smoother a chord progression like Bb – Gm – Eb – Cm can sound with those shapes.

Hope you’ll learn a thing or two!


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This is the Ambient Guitar youtube channel of Canadian multi-instrumentist Antoine Michaud. Through original ambient music, chordal guitar lessons and tips on guitar pedals, Antoine is looking to educate and inspire aspiring ambient musicians to learn everything about the world of ambient guitar and chordal voicings on guitar.

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