Epiphone Les Paul Custom – Affordable and Inspired By Gibson – Electric Guitar Review

With the hype surrounding the new series ‘fx pistol’ all pervasive the urge to buy a Les Paul Custom and play some Jonesy riffs could be resisted no more. But previous experience has come in useful and saved a heap of filthy lucre… join us for the full story and in depth guitar review!

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0:00 play in & coming up
1:42 what’s happening today?
4:48 all about the guitar specs, etc
8:55 neck profile & measurements
10:25 fingerboard & frets
11:23 bridge & tailpiece
13:02 what does it weigh?
13:47 a brief punk interlude
14:25 inside the cavities
16:58 pickup readings
18:11 this is what it sounds like
24:00 let’s play something
26:26 summary starts here
27:48 the perils of Les Paul Custom ownership
31:47 Gibson makes sense for some people
32:42 I am a guitar addict
34:52 a Les Paul Custom without any baggage
37:08 epiphone have some fairy dust too
39:22 final thoughts
40:49 play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
TC Polytune / Boss CS3
Drive Pedals (when on): Klon KTR / Boss SD1 / Maestro Fuzz-Tone
Boss DD7 / Boss RC5 Looper
Amp: 1970’s Fender Twin Reverb
Mics AKG C414 & SM57
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

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