Jazz Blues

The Jazz Blues Chord Progression – Step By Step – 12 Bar Blues to Jazz Blues Changes

In this jazz blues guitar lesson, I show you how to play a jazz blues chord progression. We start with a basic 12 bar blues and step by step turn it the regular blues changes into the jazz blues chord changes. Whether you are comping for someone else, playing solo jazz guitar, or learning to solo over the blues, the jazz blues chord progression will serve as a guide to cool sounds.

The jazz blues chord progression is one of the most important types of jazz chord progressions. It’s been recorded on thousands of jazz records, and it’s surprisingly challenging to play over.

When you are learning jazz guitar, it’s important to get the sound of a “jazz blues” internalized. Eventually, you will draw upon the jazz-blues changes, even when you’re playing over a standard blues.

Some of my favorite jazz chord books:
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Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar Book 2: https://amzn.to/2YL8ssr
Ted Greene Chord Chemistry: https://amzn.to/2BnMd2U

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Basic 12 Bar Blues Progression
0:48 Quick Change Blues Progression
1:28 3 note shell chord voicings
2:10 Adding the II-V jazz blues chord progression to bar 4
3:20 Voice leading in bar 4 of the blues
4:00 Adding iii-VI-ii-V-I jazz blues guitar chord changes in bar 8
4:56 Diminished in bar 6 of the jazz blues chord progression
5:24 Adding a jazz blues turnaround to bar 11-12
5:24 John Coltrane Turnaround jazz blues guitar chords
6:58 Using a I-VI-II-V turnaround in your jazz blues chord progression
7:50 Ending jazz blues on a major7 chord
8:04 Basic Jazz Blues Chord Progression example and thoughts
8:30 II-V-I guitar lick over the fourth bar in a jazz blues progression
8:46 Getting a jazz sound over the blues
9:35 The beauty of a regular blues changes
9:54 Jazz Blues Chord Progression Example Chord Changes
11:00 Final thoughts on the jazz blues chord changes

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Jazz Blues Chord Progression | Jazz Blues changes | Jazz Blues Guitar Lesson

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