Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Episode 6 – How To Practice Chord Transitions (EASY Way That WORKS!)

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Are you brand new to guitar and not sure where to start? πŸ€” Well then, you’ve clicked on the perfect video! πŸŽ‰

My name is Ellen and I create step-by-step guitar tutorials here on my channel, #for3v3rfaithful πŸ¦‹ Welcome to the sixth episode of my brand new beginner series, where we’ll break down a method of practice that will have you mastering ANY transition in no time! 😱 (And stay tuned to the end of the video to play through even more songs with me! 🎸🎢)

Make sure if you haven’t seen the first five episodes yet, to start from the beginning so you don’t miss a thing! πŸ˜‰
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Through the years, many people have told me on their first day of guitar lessons, “I just want to play a song” – so that’s just what we’ll focus on! 🎸This series is intended to teach you the basics of guitar by PLAYING ACTUAL SONGS in each video! 🎢 Of course, you’ll still learn the foundational stuff along the way, but it’ll be sprinkled in so you can still have fun and play your guitar while learning. πŸ€—

In this episode, we learn 4 brand new chords before taking a deep dive into the world of chord transitions, where I’ll be giving you my best tips and tricks on how to make this process easier! πŸ™Œ As with everything guitar related, it all boils down to practice and consistency… but you can use my favorite exercise to see results FAST! πŸ‘

As always, thanks so much for watching, and good luck!! πŸ’•


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2️⃣ EPISODE 2:
3️⃣ EPISODE 3:
4️⃣ EPISODE 4:
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