Jazz Blues

Jazz Blues Improvisation – Guitar Lesson – Jazz Blues Guitar Solo in Bb

How to solo over a Jazz Blues in Bb | Scales, Arps and Lines over each chord to make a complete SOLO.

Lesson material (TABS, Scale Diagrams, Backing Tracks, Guitar Pro Tabs):
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So many people kept asking me how to solo over a jazz blues in Bb. So I thought it’s be a good idea to do guitar lesson on jazz blues improvisation.

I’ll go through each of the chords of the jazz blues progression and show you the according scales, arpeggios and chords.Then I show you Jazz blues licks and lines for each scale degree. At the end I’ll connect all the jazz blues lines we’ve learned together and we’ll get an entire chorus of a Jazz Blues in Bb guitar Solo.

The topics included in this Jazz Blues Soloing guitar tutorial are:
* Using the Bb mixolydian scale in Jazz Blues on the I degree
* Improvisation over the jazz blues using the Bb Blues scale
* Mixing the Bb mixo and the Bb Blues scale together to create a bluesier sound for your Jazz Blues Soloing
* The Eb mixolydian scale over the IV degree.
* The E diminished arpeggio.
* The G altered scale over the VI degree in a jazz blues solo.
* The C dorian scale over the II degree
* The F altered scale over the V degree in a jazz blues guitar improvisation
* Improvisation over Jazz Blues Turnaround over the last two bars

I’ll show you note for note, all the Jazz Blues Lines. I insert all the scales you need to learn in the position we’re playing this Jazz Blues in Bb.

I’ve also made TABS of the whole chorus of Jazz Blues SOLO and a PDF with all the scales we need for this Jazz Blues guitar solo lesson. And of course I’m providing a backing track for you to jam over.

If you were searching for a jazz guitar tutorial on Jazz Blues improvisation, here it is. I explain everything slowly and in great detail. Soon it won’t be a mistery anymore and you’ll know how to solo over a jazz blues in Bb.

Now grab your jazz guitar and start learning all the great stuff of this Jazz blues soloing on guitar lesson.

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Jazz Blues Guitar Lesson in Bb:
00:00 start
01:02 The Jazz Blues Progression
01:12 Bb Chord Progression (pause to view)
01:17 How To Improvise Over The I7 Chord
03:15 Example 1
04:31 Example 2
06:23 The Blues Scale
06:56 Example 3
08:41 Example 4
10:06 How To Improvise Over The IV7 Chord
12:02 Example 5
13:00 Example 6
14:18 The Diminished Chord Example 7
16:14 How To Improvise Over The VI7 altered Chord
17:54 Example 8
19:20 Soloing Over The II7 Chord
21:33 Example 9
22:34 Improvising Over The V7 altered Chord
23:29 Example 10
24:55 Improvising Over A Blues Turnaround Example 11
29:12 Putting it all Together
29:40 Jazz Blues in Bb

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂

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