Jazz Blues

Scott Henderson – Outside the Blues Masterclass 1

Full Video at https://www.mymusicmasterclass.com/premiumvideos/scott-henderson-blues-guitar-lesson-1/

Description: In part one (1 of 2) of this “outside the blues” guitar lesson, legendary guitarist Scott Henderson breaks down his iconic style. Scott demonstrates and discusses how to take your blues playing to the next level, incorporating jazz language in order to add color and interest to your solos. If you’re looking to break free of pentatonic cliches and add some harmonic excitement to your blues playing, this guitar lesson series is for you.

Topics Covered: 12 bar blues, jazz blues, using diminished scales, using altered scales, using the lydian dominant scale, jazz melodic minor, pentatonics scales, playing the changes, bending the 3rd, switching modes, licks, superimposing harmony, jazz harmony, being musical, sneaking in the jazz, etc.

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