Dual Guitar Lesson: Spring is Coming (intermediate lead and beginner rhythm)

0:00 – Spring is Coming
0:43 – Lead Guitar Lesson (intermediate/advanced players)
13:08 – Rhythm Guitar Lesson (beginner players)

My first Dual Guitar Lesson, this song “Spring is Coming” is short and was written specifically to teach the basics of rhythm guitar (single note lines, power chords, strumming patterns) for beginners and “articulations” (vibrato, slides, hammer ons, bends, rakes, natural harmonics)for lead players. Great for working out either of those parts or for learning a long with another guitarist.
I honestly think anyone who plays could have some fun with this and I’d love to hear your comments. I finally feel like I’ve found a things I can do that isn’t kinda repeating existing youtube guitar/music lesson vids so let me know if you’d like more. I’m currently considering doing one each month. OIf you’d like to support me in this, please check out the Patreon ( There’s even a $1/mo tier.
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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