Guitar Lesson for Intermediate Players: Finger Tapping, Slap & Percussive Guitar Techniques | Storm

Wow already 3rd guitar lesson this year! This time I will teach you how to combine finger tapping together with slapping and drumming on acoustic guitar!

Level – intermediate / advanced

Previous guitar lessons:
Two hand tapping in open C# tuning –
Lap tapping guitar with bossa nova beat –
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0:00 Demonstration
0:33 Introduction
1:00 1st Exercise: Free Flow Finger Tapping Solo
2:07 2nd Exercise: Finger Tapping Triplets
3:28 3rd Exercise: Rhythmic Finger Tapping Solo
5:04 4th Exercise: Drum Solo
6:24 5th Exercise: Bluesy Exercise
8:33 6th Exercise: Maj7 Part
9:38 7th Exercise: Slow Fingerpicking Part
10:23 8th Exercise: Breakdown Part
11:22 9th Exercise: 2nd Finger Tapping Solo
12:57 10th Exercise: 2nd Drum Solo
13:38 11th Exercise: 1st Culmination
14:28 12th Exercise: 3rd Finger Tapping Solo
15:57 13th Exercise: Finger Tapping Solo With Intevals
17:33 14th Exercise: 3rd Drum Solo
18:46 15th Exercise: 2nd Culmination
19:56 16th Exercise: Final Bluesy Part
21:13 Thank You & Please Subscribe 🙂

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