More Than A Feeling Guitar Lesson Pt.2 – Boston – All Electric Guitar Rhythm Parts

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“More Than A Feeling” was the lead single off of Boston’s debut album. It would become their biggest hit due to both it’s soaring vocals and signature guitar sound.

That guitar sound was the creation of guitarist Tom Scholz. One of the high points in “More Than A Feeling” is the hummable and instantly recognizable guitar solo.

In this More Than a Feeling guitar lesson we are gonna learn every note of this 70’s stadium rock masterpiece note-for-note!

The acoustic guitar intro is instantly recognizable and makes an extremely good string skipping exercise. From there we make it to the legendary main riff. That riff is simple and direct but extremely effective.

Eventually we will make our way to aforementioned guitar solo. First, just as I mention in the video lesson, there are obviously some harmonized guitar sections of this solo. That is also a Boston signature.

What I am teaching in this lesson is basically the main melody line of the harmony part. There is always one dominant line in the mix with the harmony part a little lower. So in this lesson I will teach the dominant part at all times which requires switching back and forth a bit between the lower harmony and high harmony.

I think playing it this way sounds great and only requires one guitarist to pull off. 🙂

Also, there are easier ways of fingering this solo than the way I teach it in the lesson. However, I chose instead to teach it the same way Tom Scholz plays it. I believe he did it this way for tonal reasons so we might as well do the same.

Ok that’s about it from me. There are 3 videos lessons below in all. The first teaches acoustic section and the second teaching the electric guitar sections. The third video contains a note-for-note lesson for that epic solo. 🙂



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