Guitar Lesson 6 – EASY Fingerstyle & Minor Chords – Ain’t no sunshine Tutorial

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Welcome to Day 6 of this Guitar Starter Course where we’ll be checking out how to play fingerstyle guitar! This is where we don’t use a pick and is also known as fingerpicking!

The song we’re using as an example of fingerstyle is ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers!

This really cool easy guitar song uses 3 open minor chords, E minor, A minor and D minor – if you need more help with any of those chords, check out this lesson from Andy’s Beginners Course

Remember, if you’re totally new to guitar, then all we’re looking at is the simple strumming version of this song. The fingerpicking stuff is more advanced. If you struggle with the fingerstyle, move on for now a revisit this section after completing the full 10 days. Don’t let it slow your overall progress!


Day 6 Lesson notes & Fingerstyle help: ►►


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