Unboxing A New Acoustic Guitar – (fun guitar lessons are hidden!)

It’s another unboxing day at the Fujita’s. Look at this Orangewood Hugo Baritone guitar! So much fun to strum these low notes. I played a few fun songs for you. Hope you will enjoy this video!

Intro 00:00
My tradition : Tossing the box!! 02:08
First look at the guitar 02:30
About this guitar : Hugo Baritone LIVE 03:55
Funk in B! 06:15
Tune to C! (Go up!) 07:40
I love the sound of this tuning 09:14
Jazz Blues Walking Baseline and comping 11:40
About Andy McKee 13:15
Just Funky in C 13:59
Orangewood’s Guitar Setup is amazing 15:37
Important point on Songwriting 16:55
Funky groove 18:25
Smelly Cat Chord Progression 19:20
Fast Triplet (Can you do it?) 20:30
Gypsy Jazz Groove! 21:14
Who are Tomo’s Students? 22:30

Hugo Baritone LIVE :
Hugo Baritone Live

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