3 Must Know Practice Tips | Learn How to Play Guitar

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In this video, I will discuss 3 key elements to successful guitar practice, especially if you are new to guitar playing.

1. Learn how to strum the guitar – maybe strumming patterns are what you need, or maybe you need to work on more authentic and organic sounding strumming. Either way, it should be a focus of your daily practice routine.

2. Essential Chord Development – you might be working on open chords, barre or power chords, or more advanced chords, but the truth is, to learn how to practice each chord with efficiency, cleanliness and confidence, and then practice moving between the chords that are used in conjunction with each other, is crucial.

3. Learning songs that meet you where your practice is – You need to stay motivated, as practicing isn’t always “fun”, as a matter of fact, it can be quite frustrating at times, BUT, if you find songs to play that meet you on your guitar journey, they can make the whole process a lot more fun and keep you motivated.

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