Worship Guitar Chords: most common chords and voicings

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From my experience teaching tons of students in 1-on-1 lessons, I have found some patterns that keep coming back again and again in worship guitar music.

In this lesson I will cover:
– Common open string voicings
– Other common chords in the key of G Major
– Suspended chord shapes
– Small shapes for lead playing

It doesn’t matter if you want to use those chords at church, or if you are not a worship player at all, I think these chords are very useful for many applications.

Thank you for watching!


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This is the Ambient Guitar youtube channel of Canadian multi-instrumentist Antoine Michaud. Through original ambient music, chordal guitar lessons and tips on guitar pedals, Antoine is looking to educate and inspire aspiring ambient musicians to learn everything about the world of ambient guitar and chordal voicings on guitar.

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