Flamenco guitar lessons – Beginner level – Basic Flamenco chords

Learn to play basic flamenco stuff with guitarist & composer Joonas Widenius.

00:00 Intro
00:10 Andaluzian candenza por arriba (E)
00:35 Solea por arriba chords
00:52 Andaluzian candenza por medio (A)
01:15 Por medio (A) chords
02:00 Some information for por medio playing
03:18 Taranto/taranta chords
03:57 Soleá escobilla chords
04:15 Major chords (alegría, cantiñas etc.)
05:14 Different ways to play E & A based chords

My YouTube Channel: @Joonas Widenius
Spotify: Joonas Widenius & Joonas Widenius Trio

I’m a flamenco guitarist and composer Joonas Widenius from Finland. I started guitar playing when I was at the age of five. The most of my flamenco material and skills I’ve collected from the trips to Spain where I’ve spent a lot of time. There are so many flamenco maestros I could thank for what I’ve learned from ’em!

I play Koivisto Flamenco blanca ( and Hermanos Sanchis Lopés guitars. I make my living by playing concerts and composing and sometimes I teach a bit. You can find more info about me from my website and also from my social media channels.

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