Guitar Lesson 10 – 5 GREAT Tricks To Play STYLISH Guitar 🎸| Guitar Tutorials For Beginners| FrontRow

5 MUST KNOW Tips for your Guitar Playing | Guitar Lessons For Beginners | Guitar Lesson 10

Chucking & Plucking on Guitar:
Learn F Major:
Learn E Major:

This series of guitar tutorials are aimed to help the absolute beginners who are enthusiastic about playing the guitar & don’t have much prior experience with the guitar.

In Guitar Lesson 10, FrontRow Guitar Expert – Amit Thappa (Guitar Adda) will introduce D Minor Shape Chords and will show you how to play a romantic song, Jeena Jeena from the Badlapur movie, on Guitar.

👉 Watch this video till the end to have a complete idea of the topic.

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If you’re someone who gets inspired by music and wants to be a musician since always – FrontRow is the perfect choice for you! For the ones eager to learn new skills, check out our courses on topics you would love to learn.

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0:00 – Intro 👀
1:11 – Best Use of Capo
3:46 – Cool Slider Trick
5:58 – Chord hammer
7:30 – Muting Effect – Guitar Strings
9:10 – Chords Ke Saath Harkate
11:37 – Quick Message

Capo, Muting Guitar Strings | Guitar Lesson 10 | How To Play Romantic Song on the GUITAR

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