5 Best JAZZ GUITARS under $1000 – Jazz Guitars Review

In depth look at my favorite jazz guitars under $ 1000 | Different jazz guitar types explained | Specs | Alternatives

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Today we’ll check out the, what I believe are the best jazz guitars under 1000 Dollars / Euros.
I’ll tell you the different jazz guitar types, like hollow body jazz guitars, archtop jazz guitars and semi acoustic jazz gutiars.

After taking an in depth look at the specifications, we’ll check out the pros and cons for each of those guitars. I’ll also tell you reasonable alternatives that are either cheaper or a little more expensive, but worth taking a look at.

5 Best Jazz Guitars under $1000 / €1000:
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Hollow body vs semi acoustic jazz guitars
01:39 Epiphone Emperor 2 Pro Joe Pass – Review
05:00 Ibanez AF95 – Review
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05:33 Ibanez GB10EM
09:19 Ibanez AG95
09:29 Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II HB – Review
13:43 Epiphone Sheraton I Pro – Review
16:30 Epiphone ES335 and Epiphone Casino – Review
18:36 Ibanez AS153 – Review
20:32 Ibanez JSM 10 – Review

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