How To Play Guitar Chords For Beginners Electric | Best & Easiest Chords On Guitar!

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What are chords? Basically, it is a two or more notes that are combined together. When we think of chords it is basically combination of notes played simultaneously. What we are going to do is we are going to know how to read chords.

Chord charts are basically a compressed scale charts. You already know the name of the strings but what is going up here instead are which finger to use. In chords, use the first three fret for the E-minor chord (Emi). The illustration/chord charts shows the first three frets.

Another symbol to discuss is the X symbol which means you don’t play that string when forming the chord on the electric guitar.

Reading chords is quite simple because of the diagram and some numbers wherein you know what the numbers of your fingers are. With that idea in mind you should learn how to read chord. Start with some of the most important chords first and you will be able to see millions of songs playing these chords.

Some of the other that you can check is Amaj, Cmaj, Dmaj, Emaj, Cmaj9 and Gmaj. Those are the major chords that you can start to grip on. For the minor chords are the following: Ami, which is similar to Emaj wherein you will see in a chord chart that Ami really looks like Emaj, and the Emi. Those are the only two minor chords that you need to now right now because when we get to barre chords where you will learn later on after getting on the scales and riffs. Then you will learn all the minor chords across the entire guitar lesson.

Chords are massive. There are tons of songs that are based on a chord. In a lot of songs, usually, it only uses three chords in the entire song which is quiet amazing. Next thing we will be learning is a lot of songs that will be using some chords.

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