Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior – Signature Guitar Review

Much excitement this week as the new Epiphone Bille Joe Junior dropped and we were lucky enough to bag one with a little help from our mates at PMT Southend. Close-up guitar ‘nerdery’ follows before we dust off our punk chops and have an absolute blast on this little beauty!

If you don’t like any of the talking or the playing bits in this video we’ve made it easy for you to skip along to the next chapter in case something more interesting is happening…

0:00 intro & coming up
1:15 a special day
3:49 what does it weigh?
4:14 specs rundown
5:34 pickup output measurement
6:10 tailpiece & intonation info
7:34 talking nonsense
8:55 a look under the pickup
10:04 inside control cavity
10:30 billie joe signature
11:25 neck profile & measurements
12:05 my string locking technique
13:47 tuning & stretching the strings
14:54 setting the action and intonation
17:57 what does it sound like?
20:38 green day & some 70’s punk
23:23 a bit of reggae jamming
25:15 so what do we think?
27:25 where’s the case?
28:37 and finally…
29:20 play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
Drive Pedals (when on): Klon KTR / RAT
Amp: Blackstar HT1H / Marshall AVT112
Mics AKG C414 & SM57
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

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