Donner Tri-Pop Easy-To-Learn 3 String Guitar | Review by a Music Teacher

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WELCOME! My name is Bernadette and I’m a certified music teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in curriculum. I also have a teaching credential for music from the state of California.

About the Donner 3-String Guitar
-Donner 3 string acoustic guitar provides an easy way to master basic techniques by three-string chord shapes.
-Small guitar Tri-Pop comes with a set of chord cards and a tutorial book providing everything you need to begin playing songs from day one!
-As a simplified mini guitar, Tri-Pop retains 3 strings of the guitar.
-With a 1.06” wide fretboard and soft carbon nylon strings, kids can easily hold the neck and press the string.
-Tri-Pop weighs only 1.7 pound, much lighter than a full-sized guitar, even young children can easily play.
-The junior guitar Tri-Pop helps kids master the same basic skills as a conventional guitar while providing a more accessible introduction to chord shapes, making kids’ transition to a 6-string guitar a breeze.
-Designed as a simplified mini guitar, the Tri-Pop retains the guitar’s most pleasing strings.
-With a basswood soundboard and bridge reinforcements, the body has more resonance that create a sweet but powerful tone.
-In addition to a set of 24 chord cards and a tutorial book, the Tri-Pop comes with everything you need.
-Packaged with a gig bag, strap, tuner, strings, and patch cable, you’ll be ready to play the moment it arrives. A decent gift for children, friends and family.

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