Fade to Black Guitar Lesson | Metallica

👉Optimize Your Time: https://www.justinguitar.com/songs Fade to Black by Metallica was the song that helped me to make sense of music. Such a powerful, rich song. In this guitar lesson, we’ll learn how to play the acoustic and electric parts. We won’t cover the solos, but I strongly recommend you explore them too! Watch for some tips and WHY and HOW to do it! 🙂 #justinguitar #guitarlessons #metallica

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Fade to Black – Guitar Cover
01:17 Fade to Black – Lesson’s Intro
01:53 Fade to Black – How to Play the Intro
04:14 Fade to Black – Intro – Chord Grip 1
05:06 Fade to Black – Intro – Chord Grip 2
05:42 Fade to Black – Intro – Chord Grip 3
06:31 Fade to Black – Practicing the Grips
07:39 Fade to Black – It’s NOT Finger Style!
11:17 Fade to Black – Picking Section
14:57 Fade to Black – Electric Guitar Riff 1
17:27 Fade to Black – How to Practice the Riff
19:08 Fade to Black – Electric Guitar Riff 2
21:57 Fade to Black – Electric Guitar Riff 3
23:11 Fade to Black – How to Simplify the Power Chords
23:43 Fade to Black – Dominant Harmony Parts
26:58 Fade to Black – Putting all together!

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