Camps Model 6 (camps M6) Classical Guitar review

Camps Model 6 (camps M6) Classical Guitar review

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මෙම සියලුම අදහස් අපගේ පුද්ගලික අදහස් වන අතර, වීඩියෝවේ අන්තර්ගතය ඒ අනුව නිර්මනය වී ඇත.

Chapters :
0:00 Introduction
00:26 About the company
00:48 C40 ,C70,C80 Vs Camps
2:13 Other Company Products
3:10 Overview of the guitar
3:50 Build quality
5:10 Fretboard & neck
6:22 Bridge
7:12 Tone Sample
9:17 Final thoughts

Camps Classical Guitar
Classical Guitar
Yamaha C40
Yamaha C70
Yamaha C80
Camps model 6

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