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Learn how to play “You’re Beautiful” Guitar Lesson + Tutorial, by James Blunt. This easy 4-chord song is perfect for beginners. It contains the most common chord progression ever, and will help you work towards being able to play tons of other songs that share similar components. We discuss the chords, strumming, counting the beat and more.

“You’re Beautiful” CHORDS: G, D, Em, C (Am in one spot, optional)

“You’re Beautiful” STRUMMING PATTERN: R R D Du

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“You’re Beautiful” TABLE OF CONTENTS

0:00 – INTRO
8:52 – THE VERSE
10:16 – THE CHORUS
14:04 – THE BRIDGE
14:58 – SONG FORM

The lesson begins with the chord shapes: G, D, Em, C. This song uses the the most common chord progression ever that you will find in 1000s of songs. We practice switching between each of them; there’s a few tricks to make it smoother. And then we play the progression using downstrokes only just so we can get used to the switching and the counting and playing it all together.

The strumming pattern for this song is one of the most common and useful ever. We break it down. We talk about an even simpler way to do it, how to count it out and then how to apply it to our chord progression. And then we play through our chord progression with the strumming pattern.

The verse requires one small modification to our chord progression. It’s really easy. We play it together. Just to make sure that you can do it and then we play the chorus which uses the same chords but in a different order. We go through it step by step. I have everything laid out for you visually so you can see it all happening. It’s just a matter of following the chords with the beat, adding the strumming pattern and that’s it.

The song has a very simple bridge. We go through it the exact same way, playing it with downstrokes only and then applying the strumming pattern and then we discuss how to put this entire song together. It’s quite simple. You just play the verse and chorus back and forth then you play the bridge. And then for the final chorus, there are a few changes. We play a couple of the chords longer than usual.

Rather than come up with some way to tell you this, I thought it would be best to just show you so we play through the final chorus in its entirety. And that’s it! At this point I want you to write down the chord order so that you can listen to the original recording with all this newfound knowledge and learn how to find how to keep your place in the song.

If you’d like to practice the entire song with me, there’s a full playthrough available on my Patreon page, where I play through the entire song, start to finish. More information on that here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/58273267


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