Sweet Child of Mine Guitar Lesson – SUPER Fun & TONS of Strumming Options

Sweet Child of Mine Acoustic Guitar Lesson ✅ Buy Lauren’s Guitar Course – – Welcome to my Sweet Child of Mine acoustic guitar lesson. This is an amazing song to learn and perform. There’s lots of great strumming patterns, key changes and dynamics. In this lesson, I will not be teaching how to play the intro for Sweet Child of Mine, I will do that in a separate guitar tutorial, but in this lesson I will be going over the different parts of the songs and the different types of guitar strumming patterns you can use to make the song really come alive.

Follow along with my Sweet Child of Mine guitar lesson chart:

⏱ Sweet Child of Mine Acoustic Guitar Lesson Chapters: ⏱

0:00 – Lesson Intro And Sweet Child Of Mine Guitar Tuning
0:59 – Sweet Child Of Mine Guitar Chords
01:24 – Sweet Child Of Mine Guitar Strumming Pattern 1 – Accented Rhythms
03:21 – Guitar Strumming Pattern 2 – Flurry Rhythms
05:14 – Guitar Strumming Pattern 3 – Crescendos
6:28 – Sweet Child Of Mine Bridge & Solo
8:54 – Outro Breakdown Rhythm
10:44 – IMPORTANT Outro Notes
11:17 – Sweet Child Of Mine Play-Along

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Thank you for watching my Sweet Child of Mine Acoustic guitar lesson.

Lauren 🙂

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