30 Day Beginner Challenge [Day 1] Guitar Lessons For Beginners

30 Day Beginners Guitar Challenge.
This is the ultimate crash course for a guitar beginner. 30 lessons to be watched daily with daily practice suggestions that will allow you to go from complete beginner to strumming chords and playing lead!

By the end of this course you will know all the fundamental guitar techniques, chords and rhythm patterns you’ll need to be able to truly play the guitar!

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30 Day Beginners Challenge

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30 Day Beginner Challenge [Course Description] Guitar Lessons for Beginners

This is a 6 unit, 30 day course to get beginner guitar players playing guitar the right way as quickly as possible!

1. We cover the basics, including, holding the guitar, holding the pick, reading chord diagrams and playing chords.

2. We then introduce the Guitar Gym concept – simple quick exercises that will improve your hand control.

3. We then take the skills learnt and practiced in the first 2 units and put them to use by learning a full, custom written song, including chord strumming and a riff.

4. Next we jump back in to some really important music theory as it’s applied to the guitar. Nothing too complex, just enough to demystify some basic concepts, and give some helpful guitar-specific tricks too.

5. Unit 5 is a test of everything so far with another, tougher, custom written song. This time we cover chords, new strumming patterns and even a guitar solo!

6. Finally we fill in a few gaps, test your knowledge so far, and set up a really achievable practice routine to get you on course for your future practice. The journey doesn’t end here!


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Above all, keep learning and keep having fun! 😀🎸🙃

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