Guitar Lessons For Kids: First Five Lesson Plans and easy chords for Child Beginners

When teaching kids to play guitar teachers all over the world use these “best” eight chords to get kids off to a flying start. The first five children’s guitar lessons (by the end of which a child will be able to play and move between all of the chords) are covered in detail and then the video features a section on “where to next?” for a young guitar slinger.

There are a whole load of chord diagrams and backing tracks along with links that will allow you to screenshot or print many of the guitar teacher’s resources on display. A feature of this video is the information provided relating to “reduced” one finger shapes for three of the eight beginner’s chords that take the stretching out of the equation for kids with smaller hands allowing them to sound great from the very first time that they pick up the guitar

The focus of these lessons is FUN! and achievement. Without wishing to get carried away with a whole load of stuff about “self esteem” and all of that malarkey it can do a child nothing but good to have a set of achievable (and fun) objectives to work towards that will allow him or her to become demonstrably “good” at something.

With many parents being worried about the time children spent in front of screens immersed in the virtual world it can be great to get kids back to doing something “organic” like learning to play a real guitar (much cooler than killing an imaginary Zombie?)

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