Guitar lesson for “Hotel California” by The Eagles (acoustic, no capo)

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This is a video guitar lesson for “Hotel California” by the Eagles, as performed on an acoustic guitar with no capo. I cover the chords & progressions needed, as well as some tablature for how to play my arrangement of the complete intro. I hope you enjoy.

Lesson table of contents:

0:00 Preview & lesson overview
2:34 About this lesson
4:05 How to play the chords
7:03 Verse chord progression
8:23 Strumming patterns
9:44 Chorus chord progression
10:45 Intro: basics
13:24 Intro: adding flourish
17:34 Chorus riffs

This video is a guitar lesson for the classic song “Hotel California” by The Eagles. It includes chords, tabs, and strumming patterns — showing how to play this song in standard tuning on an acoustic guitar (with no capo). I created this tutorial for Songnotes, which is my personal music lesson web project (video and text-based lessons).

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