$39 Guitar from… Is It Garbage?! || Cheapest Wish Strat Demo/Review

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0:29 Demo in a Mix
2:36 Patron Shoutout
4:03 My Thoughts
4:09 Dollar Shave Club Sponsored Spot
11:01 Dirty Playthrough
12:02 Clean Playtrhough

➤ Thanks to Patrick Hunter for bringing the low end! Check him out:

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» $39 Strat Copy
» ISP Decimator Noisegate
» Mission Engineering ReWah Pro
» Marshall DSL100H
» Horizon Devices Precision Drive…
» Two Notes Torpedo Live
» Glenn Fricker Lancaster IR Pack
» Apogee One
» Dunlop Jazz III Picks
» Cleartone Strings
» Hosa Edge Guitar Cable
» Jimmy Clips

➤ Marshall DSL100H Settings:
» Channel: Ultra Gain Lead 1 Voice
» Gain: 4
» Volume: 3
» Bass: 8
» Middle: 8
» Treble: 5

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➤ Mixed by Luke:

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$39 Guitar from… Is It Garbage?! || Cheapest Wish Strat Demo/Review

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