Jazz Blues

Jazz Blues – 3 Easy Techniques That Make You Sound Better

You know the sound of the blues and can play blues solos. Then you start playing Jazz, and it is all about playing changes and using arpeggios and the right scales, but there is no common ground, and you don’t have a way to combine the two as you hear with Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson or George Benson.

In this video, I am going to show you some of the techniques you can use to get that mix in there and play Jazz Blues, something that is great on a 12 bar blues, but that will work for you on pretty much all songs.

The 3 Bebop Licks You Need To Know:

Chord Solos – You Can Make It Easy Like This

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Jazz Blues – 3 Easy Techniques That Make You Sound Better

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00:00 Intro
00:41 #1 Motif I-IV
03:39 Taking This To Other Progressions
04:27 #2 Slides and Phrasing
06:29 #3 Easy Double stops that sound great!
09:03 Chord Solos – You Can Make It Easy Like This
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My name is Jens Larsen, Danish Jazz Guitarist, and Educator. The videos on this channel will help you explore and enjoy Jazz. Some of it is how to play jazz guitar, but other videos are more on Music Theory like Jazz Chords or advice on how to practice and learn Jazz, on guitar or any other instrument.

The videos are mostly jazz guitar lessons, but also music theory, analysis of songs and videos on jazz guitars.

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