Teach Guitar To A 5 Year Old – Tips for Parents and Teachers

Teach guitar to a 5 year old, tips for parents and teachers. This video will give you 7 essential tips for how to approach teaching the guitar children as young as five years old. These are tips that I have learned through trial and error as a private guitar teacher over the past 18 years. I recommend these essential tips for teachers and parents that are teaching their young children to play the guitar.

1. Keep Instruction Simple
2. Use simple or no notation for instruction
3. Repetition
4. Teach music that is fun and interesting
5. Allow students to choose their own songs
6. Keep things moving
7. Go with the flow

Teaching the guitar to children can be challenging! Try to be patient and experiment with different methods for helping them to learn. Sometimes the best way to teach can only be learned through trial and error. Good luck!

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