BEAUTIFUL Chords That Will CHANGE Your World (JUST DO THIS!)

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Beautiful guitar chords are the most common way to make a song sound rich with sophistication. They can also be one of the most complicated areas to start practicing – especially if these chord types are new to a player’s repertoire.

The good news is you don’t have to be perfect with them right from the beginning to be able to get their complex harmony working for you. Start simple and use a few chord shapes that feel comfortable, as you get better, work at adding in new chord qualities and new chord patterns.

It is important to understand that regardless of where your chord playing skills are at right now you must be truthful about the level of investment made toward your dedication for learning these new sophisticated chord patterns. Realize that developing the mastery to perform them well, will take time & effort to attain.

The fret-board layouts for these complex sounding chord shapes can be a real challenge, so study them by using a step-by-step approach and prepare for a slow learning curve. Some of these chords may feel as if they are rather impossible to switch to at first, so practice them using a metronome to perfect the changes into each new shape.

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