Honest Unboxing and Review Amazon Best Selling $40 Acoustic Guitar – Guitar Buyer’s Guide

In our brick and mortar music store we see parents come in on a regular basis with guitars that they purchased online, often from Amazon for their child. The idea is that the kid may not stick with it so they don’t want to spend too much money. This is an understandable sentiment but when you look at budget options on many e-commerce sites like Amazon they come from brands you have never heard of. Is it even possible to manufacture, ship and sell a guitar that is a good isntrument. Is there any value in a $40.00 acoustic guitar that you purchase from Amazon? Tons of shoppers think that’s the case, so we wanted to see what the deal was for ourselves. For those of you that are on the fence about purchasing your first guitar, well this one’s for you. We went to Amazon, look at the top selling guitars, picked the color we liked and ordered. The guitar came shipped to us in a box that was thankfully, not damaged in shipping and we unbox and review for you live to be completely honest and transparent and the guitar and what you can expect.

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