First Introduction to Classical Guitar for Children – Part 1a

How to hold and play the classical guitar, for kids and new starters – also suitable for acoustic guitar and to some extent anyone wanting to play electric guitar beginning with a classical style of teaching.

This short course (in development) is based on my experience of teaching my own children classical, acoustic and electric guitar.

This course is particularly aimed at showing parents or other responsible adults how to teach their children how to play the guitar in a few easy steps, presented as simply as we can. It aims to dispel any myths that it is hard or complicated. It doesn’t dispel any myths about practise being key to success.

To begin with I found the materials and instruction needed to get my own kids started was widely distributed, never in one place, sometimes over complicated and often just needed a clear explanation and simple demo.

Tom is my third child learning guitar and music. At the time of filming he is six and a half. He has only been learning for a few weeks. This is just enough that he can demonstrate what is needed to start out. We’ll take it from there.

I’m currently confident that my other children have recently succeeded in their ABRSM grading exams at levels 1 and 2 at ages eight and (just) 11. They could be grade x by now, but I like kids to live kids’ lives too, not just practise music 24/7. So make sure your kids take this in the short sessions it is presented in and get some exercise (and maybe a treat) in between.

I hope you find this information to be basic, but building in the right direction, hopefully simple, but always clear and ideally fun to do. The one thing that I do purposefully miss out is the repetition and your own progress and learning depends on and determines this. If you have forgotten (or simply not remembered) any of the material, don’t be afraid to go back and repeat. Practise in your own time and proceed at your own pace.

That’s it for what to expect.

If you have any suggestions for improvement please contact me.

I hope that you will enjoy this course and want to continue your journey.

I’m sorry, but due to the target age range, we don’t and won’t enter into one-to-one communications except on an open platform – the comments forum here!

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