🎸 Tennessee Whiskey • Solo acoustic guitar lesson w/ tabs (Chris Stapleton)

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Hey friends! New lesson here, where I’ll show you how to play a solo acoustic version of Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. This one has a simple structure (it only uses A and B-minor), but there’s so much fun to be had by adding small riffs between these two chords. In my lesson I’ll start with the basics (basic chord shapes & 3 strumming options) — and then I’ll get into some more advanced stuff, including chord variations and a few ways you can combine lead fills with your strumming.

Video timestamps:

– 0:00 Preview & lesson overview
– 1:47 Chord shapes needed (basics)
– 3:29 Chord progression for entire song
– 4:42 Strumming patterns (3 options)
– 11:02 Advanced: Modifying the A & B-minor chords
– 15:45 Advanced: Combining lead riffs w/ strumming

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👉 How to play this song in G and A-minor (PDF attached below)

Thank to all of you who requested this one! Feels good to have finally put together this song and the matching PDF.

Enjoy! Until next time,


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