Learn 10 Sinhala songs in 3 chords EASY!! Guitar lesson

සිංදු 10ක් ගිටාර් කොර්ඩ්ස් 3 කින් easy වාදනය කරන්න ඉගෙන ගමු.

I have created this video show you how to play 10 famous Sinhala songs using 3 chords easily. I have simplified the chord structure of the original song. You will have to move just 2 fingers when you change to the next chord.

Please click here to download chords and songs as a pdf.

1. Ganga addara maa
2. Kimada naawe
3. Sihina dew duwe
4. Sanasen nalawen
5. Seegiri suku maaliye
6. Maali
7. Iuruthala
8. Raa raa raa bombiye
9.Mee amba wanaye
10. Adare hithenawa dakkama
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