Play Blues On Guitar In Any Key (with this riff)

Learning easy Blues Riffs for Acoustic Guitar is where many learn to play guitar because it’s fun, recognizable and rewarding.

Whether you’ve been stuck in a practice rut or you want to learn to play the blues better, understanding and practicing some basic blues riffs will help you on your acoustic guitar learning journey.

Learning blues riffs on guitar will help you learn the fretboard, gain greater dexterity in your fingers, and solo better. While you can’t apply the same riff over and over to the same song, you can use riffs to help you learn how to solo on the guitar.

In this blues guitar lesson, I will show you one blues lick that is incredibly useful because after you learn it, you will be able to play the 12 bar blues in ANY key. That’s right — you can use this riff in any blues.

Beginner guitar players and experienced veterans alike will gain valuable insight into the blues and the guitar as a whole.

Using this blues riff as a springboard, you can launch your guitar improvisation practice. Even if you weren’t sure you could solo, using this blues riff will give you the confidence to keep improvising on the guitar; just remember for a 12 bar blues, your pentatonic scales are your friends!

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