Are Cheap Guitars on Amazon Worth it? // Donner Guitar Review & Unboxing 2021

Are cheap guitars on Amazon worth it? An honest Donner Guitar review!

today i will be reviewing a guitar from Donner, a company that creates many different musical instruments and products.

DISCLAIMER** although this video is not sponsored by Donner, they were kind enough to send me one of their beginner guitar kits for free to review on my channel for all of you!

i get a lot of questions about what is the best beginner guitar or what is a good quality guitar that isn’t too expensive for a beginner. and so when Donner reached out to me, i thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out their product for y’all!

this video gives my 100% honest opinion on the product, and overall, i think this guitar is a great, relatively inexpensive option for beginners who aren’t sure they want to invest a ton of money into playing guitar just yet. until you want to upgrade to a more expensive guitar, this one is good pick!

this beginner kit:
– guitar (of course lol)
– picks
– capo
– strings
– pick guard
– tuner
-guitar strap

you get all of the accessories you need to get started which i loved. the guitar itself is very pretty, and does not look cheap at all. the sound is a little brassy, but maybe if you switched out the strings or just broke it in a little bit, it would sound even better. i will definitely keep playing my Donner guitar 🙂

**if you want to check out more of Donner’s products, you can visit these links!
company website:
amazon page:
instagram: @donnermusic_official

**affiliate link for my exact guitar! (using this link helps support my channel)
Cutaway Sunburst Acoustic Guitar:


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today’s video is all about cheap beginner acoustic guitars 2021 and the best cheap guitars on amazon. donner creates cheap beginner acoustic guitars and in this video i review the donner cutaway sunburst acoustic guitar.

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