Improve Your Acoustic Playing Dramatically In 10 Minutes – Guitar Lesson – Rhythm Tips – EASY

When learning to play it is often assumed that you need to be technically good before you can sound professional. While it doesn’t hurt to be skilled it is not as important as you might think. Most popular songs though the ages are four chords or less and when stripped down are really quite simple to play. One of the things however that make a HUGE difference in the way you sound is dynamics. Dynamics can be thought of as how you play the part you are playing. Is loud, soft, picked, strummed, or all of the above. How you play the verse compared to the chorus etc. In this video we will go over some simple but very effective tips to getting you to sound more like a pro. The best part is you can apply these tips to your playing in less that 10 minutes! Check it out. Leave your song requests in the comment section below. Catch ya next time!

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