Beginners Guide To Chord Tone Soloing – Guitar Chord Tones Lesson

My easy system for targeting chord tones on guitar | Voice Leading explained | Embellishing chord tones | + PDF Sheet

PDF Chord Sheet (all 5 positions, 27 chords)
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Chord Tone Targeting guitar is one os the biggest challenges for a jazz guitar novice. Welcome to my beginners guide to chord tone soloing! I’ll show you my simple, but very effective system on how to play chord tone improvisation over any given song.

You’ll learn to use the chords you already know, play in one position and use good voice leading, for smooth transitions.
Chord tones guitar lessons usually show you tons of arpeggios. And while I encourage you to learn all of them in the long run, you want something simpler now. I’ll show you how to use what you alreay know and make it sound good. My chord tone targeting guitar system is very beginner friendly, no matter what style you come from! For this lesson you don’t need any chord tone targetign music theory. We’ll do everything visually and the rest can be done by ear. I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

I’ll also be showing you step by step how to apply all this, by using Autumn Leaves chord tone soloing as an example.Chord tones solo seems to be a sophisticated art, but using my simple system you can quickly be successfull. Later you can add arpeggios and scales to your playing. But chord tones will always be the most important thing in jazz soloing.

I hope you like my chord tones guitar lesson and give me a thumbs up. Please share the love and the knowledge.
But it is also of great value in other musical genres. Good guitarists always used chord tone targeting guitar playing.
See, using chord tones in solos is not as hard as you thought!

Beginners Guide To Chord Tone Soloing – Guitar Lesson:

00:00 Intro
00:24 My easy system to chord tone soloing
03:52 Embellishing chord tones
07:23 Voice Leading
10:23 Join the channel
10:40 Last four chords of example
12:34 How to practice
13:24 Tips and thoughts

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