Pearl Jam – Alive acoustic guitar lesson

Pearl Jam – Alive acoustic guitar lesson
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This is an intermediate lesson, designed for players with some experience. The song may heavily feature barre chords or complicated rhythms.

This is the acoustic guitar part from Alive, which is a mix of very simple and quite complex chords. The verse and bridge rely on barre chords and their variations, while the chorus goes to very simple open chords. You can simplify the verse if you choose by just using an open A chord (and Asus4). The bridge can also be simplified to standard B and F# barre chords at the 2nd fret.

The bridge is probably the most difficult part. You need to play B chords using some D-shaped barres up at the 9th fret, plus the time signature switches back and forth between 7/8 and 4/4. It’s easier to feel this rather than count it specifically.


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