The Easiest Way to Play LoFi Hip-Hop Guitar (Lofi Guitar Tutorial)

In this lofi guitar tutorial, Anthony shows his favorite chord progressions to use in lo-fi music. Learn how to play lo-fi hip-hop and jazz chords on the guitar and get a lo-fi sound with free plugins.

Get the guitar chord chart to follow along: https://join.landr.com/edu-printables/

Lo-Fi samples used in this video:
Drum Loop: https://bit.ly/34yOKTP
Forest Stream: https://bit.ly/3e2d03K
Tape Sound: https://bit.ly/3jzt9ir
Vocals: https://bit.ly/2TvVdbH

Lo-Fi plugins used in this video:
Valhalla Supermassive: https://bit.ly/33wWW6K
iZotope Vinyl: https://bit.ly/3kBJt3i

Free Lo-Fi samples: https://bit.ly/2HEHSeJ
The Best Lo-Fi Plugins: https://bit.ly/2JctVW7

00:00 Introduction
00:36 Chord progression one: Amin7, B7#5, Emin9
02:01 Chord progression two: Fmin7, G7#5, Cmin9, C9sus4
03:41 Chord progression three: BbMaj7, Gmin9, EbMaj7, Ebmin7
05:34 Getting a lo-fi sound with free plugins


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