🎸 Wellerman (sea shanty) • Easy guitar lesson w/ chords & lyrics • Nathan Evans / TikTok

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Hey friends, here’s a video guitar lesson and PDF chord sheet for Wellerman — the 19th century New Zealand folksong that is at the center of #ShantyTok thanks to Nathan Evans. Nathan is a Scottish artist who uploaded a video of him singing this song solo — and the duets and remixes that poured in are simply amazing. See my video to learn how to play along with Evans’ version, and most of the remixes. You will need a capo on the 3rd fret. I’ll keep things as beginner as possible, as this song is meant to be shared far and wide… don’t let that F chord stop you! Let’s do it.

Nathan Evans original TikTok video:

Gallery of remixes and duets of this song, via Polygon:

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