Key of C Major Cheat Sheet! Chords, Progressions, Fretboard, and Misc Tips & Tricks

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Hey there, friends! Lesson today where I deep dive into the Key of C Major, and give an overview of everything worth knowing about when playing anything in this key. I’ll start with showing the notes in the C major scale, explain the seven diatonic chords used in the Key of C, show some common chord progressions, show a map of the fretboard, and finally get into a handful of miscellaneous tips & tricks that are unique to Key of C on the guitar.

The PDF I made to accompany this lesson is 8 pages, and has several links out to previous lessons I’ve made which diver deeper on several topics I cover. My goal is, for whatever you are or may play in the future using the Key of C, to arm you with a single bundle of info to give a lay of the land within that key.

Video timestamps:

– 0:00 Overview & Lesson Summary
– 2:45 Notes & Chords in the Key of C
– 5:50 Common Chord Progressions
– 8:14 Alterate Ways to Play Common Chords
– 13:21 Key of C Fretboard Maps
– 17:25 Quick Tips: F Chord, Walk-Downs, & more
– 26:31 Adding Easy Flourish with One Finger
– 29:57 Song Lessons I’ve Made in Key of C

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