Cool Kids Easy Guitar Lesson | Echosmith

👉 Over 600 Song Guitar Lessons With Chords, Tabs, & Lyrics: In this easy lesson, we’ll learn how to play Cool Kids by Echosmith. We’ll learn an easy beginner version and then build it up to make it sound just like the original recording. We’ll use a guitar capo on the 2nd fret! #justinguitar #guitarforbeginners #echosmith

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👉 Video Chapters
00:00 Cool Kids – Guitar Cover
01:15 Cool Kids – Guitar Lesson Welcome
01:35 Cool Kids – Capo/Tuning
01:41 Cool Kids – Easy Chords
03:08 Cool Kids – Exploring Strumming Patterns
04:40 Cool Kids – How to play the riff
07:50 Cool Kids – Chord Embellishments
11:08 Cool Kids – Melody line

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